JAPCELL BC-9000 battery charger / analyzer

The BC-9000 battery charger is an intelligent and powerful battery charging system with room for up to 8 AA/AAA, NiMH/NiCd batteries in any combination. The two LCD screens display the charging status of each individual battery, and a charge protection system ensures that your batteries are charged to their maximum capacity in a safe manner. Every time!

The BC-9000 charger makes it easy for you to monitor the charging status of your batteries. The LCD screens display the chosen charging program, as well as information about the charging progress, charging voltage, charging current, charging time, battery inside resistance and battery capacity. When the batteries are fully charged the LCD screen turns off automatically.

Intelligent microprocessor
BC-9000’s intelligent microprocessor will charge batteries to their maximum capacity without overcharging or undercharging. The microprocessor, and the many charge protection features it offers, assure maximum battery longevity.

Recycle System
The Eight Cell charger is embedded with a high-rate battery conditioner that will charge, discharge and recharge batteries automatically for maximum rejuvenation.

Supported batteries:  1-8 AA / AAA, NiMH / NiCd

Charge time:
1-8 batteries
AA 2700 mAh: 3 h
AA 2000 mAh: 2,5 h
AAA 800 mAh: 1,9 h
AA 1000 mAh: 1,2 h
AAA 300 mAh: 0,7 h

AC to DC (AC-adapter)
Input:    100-240V ~ 50-60 Hz
Output:  DC 12V / 1.5 A

BC-9000 charger
Input:     DC 12V
1-8 x AA: max 1.4V -1000 mA
1-8 x AAA: max 1.4V – 500 mA

Note: Because AAA batteries can not, and should not, be charged at more than 500 mA the charger will automatically halve the charging current for AAA batteries. This means that when you want to charge your AAA batteries and set the charging current to e.g. 1000 mA, the actual charging current will only be 500 mA. If you set the charging current to 500 mA the actual current will be 250 mA and so on. Download operating instructions for further details.

Download manual in english / på dansk/ in deutsch